Thursday, May 30
12pm ET/9am PT

Financial Skills and Systems For Your Relationship.

In this exclusive, live workshop, learn how to navigate money in your relationship - without arguments.

Get answers to questions like: How can we feel like financial equals? Who pays for what? How should we manage our savings? What if my partner is my financial opposite? How do we find common financial ground and set up systems that work so we (almost) never have to argue over money again?

This is a one-time-only engagement.

Thursday, May 30th
12pm ET/9am PT
see you next time!

This workshop is
for you if want
to learn...

How to simplify money in your relationship. Implement easy and effective systems.

The “best” ways to manage money with your partner. Should you combine all your money or have separate accounts?

Smart ways to level the financial playing field. For couples with disparate incomes, learn ways to crate financial harmony.

How to come to terms with your financial opposite. You're a saver, and your partner is a spender? I have advice!

How to be financially empowered if you're not earning a paycheck. Essential advice for couples with a single income stream.

Ways to navigate the complexities of being a female breadwinner. Insights from Farnoosh's own marriage.

How to get rich together. Investing strategies for couples.

How Farnoosh manages money in her marriage! 

Plus, reserved time to ask Farnoosh your questions!

Your investment



This includes live access to Farnoosh’s virtual pop-up workshop on
May 30th, the opportunity to interact with her on the webinar, and
lifetime access to the workshop recording.

Thursday, May 30
12pm ET/9am PT

About Farnoosh

I am one of America’s most trusted financial experts, a bestselling author and podcast host.
But once upon a time, I had no idea how to invest, let alone what a ROTH IRA was.
Over the years, thanks to consistent investing, I’ve grown my portfolio to 7 figures. (With some mistakes here and there, of course!)
Today, I am the breadwinner in my marriage. I have two young children and live in suburban New Jersey after 20 years in NYC.
My Webby-winning podcast So Money has earned over 30 million downloads.

I can’t wait to support you!

Thursday, May 30
12pm ET/3pm PT
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